Needle sizes: 16G-30G, ½’’-1 ½’’

Syringe sizes: 1ml -20ml 

​With unique Secure-locking™ mechanism

The Safe-T-Clip ™safety needle is easy to use and is intuitive. 

The Safe-T-Clip™safety needles feature an ISO colour coded needle hub and safety cover for ease of selection.


Insulin with fixed needle: 0.3ml, 0.5ml, 1ml,28G -30G x 5/16’’-1/2’’

Luerlock syringe: 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, with or without needle

Double needle technique (excluding 0.3ml, 0.5ml, 1ml)

Easy retraction

Re-use prevention design

Locking confirmation feel

Breakable plunger 

Highest standards

NIOSH approved


Needle sizes: 18G-27G

Attached to syringes, vacuum tube holder/hub

Soft wings are easy to grip and fix to patient

Flexible tubing reaches more body surface and tolerates more patient movement

Unique protective sheath to prevent needle-stick injury

ISO color coding for easy recognition

Luer Lock and Luer slip fittings

Quality needles for patient comfort


Needle sizes: 18G-27G

Attached to extension tubing from an infusion pump or gravity-fed infusion, transfusion bag or bottle

Soft wings are easy to grip and fix to patient

Flexible tubing reaches more body surface and tolerates more patient movement

Unique protective sheath to prevent needle-stick injury

ISO color coding for easy recognition

Luer Lock and Luer slip fittings

Quality needles for patient comfort


After used up, the plunger can be break to prevent reuse.

Provide protection from contamination between patients
Specification: 1ml,2ml,3ml,5ml,10ml,20ml 

Attached Needle: 16G-29G
Luer lock, three parts, with/without needles
Steriled by Eo gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, single use only
Bulk/PE/Blister Individual Package


Sizes Available: 16-32G

Needle hub: Made of medical grade PP            

Needle protector: Made of medical grade transparent PP

Silicone oil: ensure the sharpness and smooth of needle 

Adhesive: Epoxy resin is used to fix the needle and hub


Available size: 1ml/2ml/3ml/5ml/10ml/20ml/50ml

Luerslip or luerlock

Centric or eccentric taper

Transparent barrel and plunge, Latex or latex-free

EO sterile or non-sterile

PE pack or Blister pack

Type: normal type; auto-disable; safety type

Packing: PE packing, blister packing


Capacity: 0.3ml, 0.5ml, 1ml
Needle Size: 29G, 30G, 31G
Material: PP
Components: Barrel, Piston, Plunger, Needle, Cap
IU: 40IU, 100IU
Color: Orange
Sterilization: EO
Packing: 1pc/PE bag or blister bag


1. Optimum treatment with maximun sinplicity
2. sterile, Non-toxic, Non-pyrogenic
3. Double point system
4. Patient point with triple beveling for easy and atraumatic
5. Cartridge point sharpened for a perfect punch with no fragmentation
6. Easy flow of medication without any impurities
7. Compatible with all available pen models
8. different color for different guage


1.Basic type (Y-injection type, Luer slip type, Luer lock type, blowing mold drip chamber type, injected mold drip chamber type, Air-vent type, Non-vent type, with needle type, without needle type, Adult type, Pediatric type )
2. New & functional type (Automatic exhaust type, Automatic liquid check type, Precison regulate type, Precision filter type, Bubble prevention type)
3. Lightproof type
Material: PVC, NON PVC, DEHP FREE and Medical lightproof polymer materials
Color: Transparent or other


Length: 120-250cm
Size: a1-a6
Component: Plastic Spike with airvent, Drip chamber, Flow regulator, Rubber, Luer Slip Connector, Hypodermic Needle, PVC Line.


Sizes: 100ml, 150ml



Material:PVC tube, PE chamber

Sterile by EO gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic

Drip Chamber: soft PVC, sizes according to the ISO 8536-4 standards

Vented Spike: with or without air vented

Fluid Filter: with or without fluid filter is alternative

Flow Regulator: Made of polyethylene or ABS

Flexible Soft Tube: 1.5m Soft and kink resistant , medical grade PVC

Protective Cap: For closure piercing device made of polyethylene with internal thread that prevents the bacteria from coming in

"Y" Injection Port: With or without


Needle sizes: 18G-27G

Medical grade PVC(Butterfly Needle)

Luer slip or luer lock        

Tube length: 30cm standard

EO sterile or non-sterile

PE, blister, paper-plastic bag


Medical grade PVC, EO sterile
Luer lock or luer slip           
With or without needle
Flow rate: 20drops or 15drops per min
Drip chamber with filter to prevent passage of any clot                              
Flow regular: PE or ABS
Tube length: 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m
PE or blister packing


Needle sizes: 18G, 20G, 21G, 22G, 23G

Types: Flashback, Normal Pen type 

Medical grade PVC and stainless steel       

Cap color: Yellow, green, black, pink, purple

Sterilized by EO gas, non-toxic and non-pyrogenic

Components: Needle, cap and sleeve


Needle sizes: 14G, 16G, 18G, 20G, 22G, 24G, 26G

Medical grade PVC + stainless steel       

Pen type, with wings, with injection port, Y type      

orange, gray, green, pink, blue, yellow, violet  

Sterilized by EO gas, non-toxic and non-pyrogenic                

Blister pack, paper-film pack


1.With latest and safe transfusion philosophy, needle free for both drug delivery and sampling. It will prevent from infection damage by needle to medical staffs completely.
2.The needle-free connector will keep closed and aseptic while not connecting with any other connection. The positive tip of the connector could be connected with other connector freely which requires heparin cap such as PICC, CVC, IV catheters, and 3-way valves and so on. The positive tip would perform the task of transfusion and blood drawing if connected and locked with syringes ,infusion set or blood transfusion set .
3.Positive Pressure Needle Free Connector, it is a well designed product. When pulling the needle out, the piston will supply a positive pressure towards vascular access continually, and it will prevent blood reflux, thrombus formation and clotting block. There is no need to seal with heparin, and it will alleviate doctors' workload as well.
4.It is with powerful anti-infection ability. The special elastic sealing structure ensures that the infusion access keeps closed and aseptic, which will greatly reduce the risk of infection of vascular access like IV catheter, CVC and etc.
5.It is with great connection effect. The product is made by world class high quality medical grade antibacterial material, and it is well designed and precision machined. It matches well with syringe and infusion set. It screws tightly, and avoids problems as leakage, falling off, cracking etc.


Heparin cap, auxiliary medical instrument, is mainly used as injection way and injection port, widely accepted and approved by medical institutions. Heparin cap is very normal in morden medical line, it plays a very important role when used together with I.V. cannula and central venous catheter. Heparin cap has various advantages such as: safe, sanitation, durable puncture, good sealing, small volume, convenient use, low price, the foremost advantage is to release patients’ pain/ injury while injection and infusion.

* Used together with the arterial and venous cannula.

* The infusion of Heparin-Sodium can prevent the reflux of blood coagulation.

* Made from medical grade PVC, International luer connector, excellent on bio-compatibility.

* It was a tight-fitting adapter, has a good feature of seal, which leads to no leakage.

* Very smooth and easy to puncture, without any edges and corners.


Product Name: Angiographic Syringe with Single or Dual Shots
ID: 1.6/ 1.8/ 2.8mm
OD: 3.6/ 4.0mm
Packing: 1set/ blister bag
Used for Medrad 
Used for Libel-Flarsheim
Used for EZEM
Used for Nemoto Kyorindo


Size: 21G, 23G, 26G, 28G, 30G
Disinfecting Type: Sterilization