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  • High conformity rate: The rate of conformity can reach 99%.

  • Low noise: Smooth gear drive

  • Frequency conversion, energy efficient

  • Equipped with safety cover: Auto-pause when it is open

  • Low consumables: The printing area adopts drum-type silicone rubber wheels and embossing seal to reduce the wastage of ink.

  • High production efficiency: Almost 1.5 times the speed of normal automatic printing machine

  • Automatic Brush Wheel: Updated from manual type to automatic one and prolong the life cycle of it.

  • Improved oil pump to increase the printing quality: The combination of stainless steel gear pump and variable frequency motor make the mixture of printing ink and diluting agent balanced. Recycle use of ink also prolong the life cycle of embossing seal.

  • Precise positioning: Reduce the the powder and position more precisely by addition of positioning friction plate and upgrading of conical positioning system.

Automatic Syringe Barrel Printing Machine High Speed Model with Safety Cover.png
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