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Métier Medical Group. was established in 2008 by a team of individuals with a motivation to foster an awareness of safety in the healthcare environment and to develop and deliver a range of innovative, high quality, medical devices at affordable cost to meet market demand.


The original team came to the Company with decades of experience in the medical devices industry including a specialist in the global syringe and safety devices market, a former medical devices manufacturer and an international sales team with strong backgrounds specialising in the sale of medical products to the public and private hospital sectors, aged care facilities and wholesale companies.


We are pleased to say the same team still shares the journey with the same motivation and drive to see Métier Medical Group positioned as the boutique player wielding a strong impact in a multibillion dollar medical devices market.


In our short years, we have grown our team and witnessed our original ideas evolve through the processes of product development, production, branding, patenting, trademarking, compliance and regulation, launch phase, marketing and of sales.


With a dedication to providing advanced machineries, high quality medical devices and consumables, the Company will continue to meet future market demand through further development and delivery of innovative and affordable solutions.

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